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air-conditioning-maintenanceHome Cooling is most important, it is a means of being able to get through those hot summer days and sweltering nights and the difference between being cool or not sleeping at all. It can be extremely difficult to get through a full day, if you have had no sleep all night. With cooling it can be a breath of fresh air, cool and very comfortable. You can actually enjoy Summer knowing that there is also relief when you have a home cooling system. No more sleepless nights and tiresome days, just a cool oasis of comfort. Westway Airconditioning is able to make sure that you get the right system to cool your home with the right air conditioning maintenance. We are able to provide expert information, explain the benefits of each system, find the most convenient, economical and effective cooling option for your home; depending on your requirements. Whether you require an evaporative cooling system, refrigerated split system, multi split system, refrigerated add on cooling, a room air conditioner or a reverse cycle ducted system, hvac repair. We take into account the area that you would like to cool, the material that your home is constructed from, whether it is insulated, ceiling height, amount of glass in the home; such as windows, the direction they face and weather conditions in your area and heating oil related equipment. For more tips on energy savings please visit Please visit air conditioning Repair on Long Island to learn more.

Evaporative Cooling

Ducted evaporative cooling provides whole house cooling through a network of outlets strategically located in the ceiling and a central cooling unit installed on the roof. Evaporative cooling requires you to leave your doors and windows open. Evaporative cooling is based on a totally natural process of air cooled by water which means it won’t dry out the air, irritate your skin, is soft and gentle on your throat or eyes, or affect the environment. Evaporative cooling is up to 50% cheaper to install and three times cheaper to run than refrigerated cooling. It is less likely to spread colds and infections, because clean, fresh air is constantly circulating throughout your home. As an added bonus evaporative cooling systems do not use ozone depleting CFC gases, which is environmentally friendly.

Split and multi split system air conditioners

Split systems are compact, economical and perfect for controlling the indoor comfort in your home. They comprise of one indoor head (located inside) and an outdoor condensing unit (compressor). Split systems are available in ‘cool only’ models, in a range of sizes depending on your requirements. They are also available in a ‘cooling only’ multi split system ranging from 2.5 kw as the indoor head capacity to a 9.0 kw condenser which is able to function four heads in total to this capacity. Indoor units may be wall, floor or ceiling mounted, depending on the brand selected.

Refrigerated add on cooling

Refrigerated add on cooling is a system that can be added onto your existing heating ductwork and can give you the ability to operate your heating and cooling through the same ductwork and outlets. You can install your add on cooling system when you install your heater, or at a later time.

Room Air conditioners and AC Maintenance

Our room air conditioners are the simple, economical solution to your cooling needs. They are available in cool only models and they are easily installed either fitted into a window space or installed into a specially fitted wall opening for further reduced noise levels. Room air conditioners provide powerful cooling, giving you comfort through the hot summer months ac repair service.

Reverse Cycle Ducted Systems

Reverse cycle ducted systems are available as whole, central or zoned systems which provide reverse cycle heat pump technology and refrigerated air conditioning to the home thoughout a series of ducts and outlets hvac repair.